VIDEO: Baratunde Rafiq Thurston

I don't think my whole blog will become videos, but I keep finding great stuff to show, so I'll keep putting it up!

Baratunde Rafiq Thurston is what happens when you mix 5 parts stand-up comedian, 1 part social activist and 3 parts snarky geek. What Marvin Gaye did for social issues with soul music, Baratunde does with stand-up, and does it well.

Here's a good opener to get ya'll introduced - sorry about the poor video quality.

And here's my favorite Baratunde riff, entitled "I Hate the Smugness of Apple". Special dedication to my buddy at paper graffiti, who drinks the Mac translucent kool-aid daily.

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1 comment:

Jess said...

The translucent Kool-Aid tastes GOOD thank you very much. And by translucent Kool-Aid, I mean vodka.