NEW MUSIC: Mute Math

I know I promised some more video, but I'm eager to try out a new web geek toy here, and to share with you a new band I like.

I give you the sweet rock stylings of Mute Math!

Mute Math Discography from Pandora

Why you should like them:

  • They're one of those crossover Christian bands, much like Switchfoot.

  • In fact, their sound reminds me of Switchfoot a lot. In a very very good way.

  • They're from New Orleans.

You'll like them if you like...
From Pandora's biography:

Giddily swiping ideas from several decades' worth of alternative rock, New Orleans electro-rock quartet Mute Math at times recall New Order's synth-dance epics, the shambling shuffle of the Stone Roses and the rest of the Madchester scene, the spiky chilliness of prime Radiohead, Air's serene ambient pop, and somewhat incongruously, the booming vocals of mainstream alt-rockers of the post-Eddie Vedder era.

So now let me try out this new toy I mentioned, a great site called SeeqPod. Basically it's a search engine for music on the internet, with really schnazzy player and sharing elements.

Let's see it in action! Enjoy the music!

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