Hi everyone. I'm taking a look at my own blog (I like to call it a "retro-blogo-spective"), and I see it's been a while since I last posted. Yeah, um... sorry about that.

But the good news is that I've got PLENTY to talk about - a huge, glorious accretion of blogable ideas that have been floating around my head. So, with deference to my less-geeky friends, let's bust out the fun of the HTML unnumbered list:

  • Have you ever seen that guy? You know him. He wears long-sleeved button-up shirts all the time, and always has one too many buttons undone. Without an undershirt. See, there's the button at the collar used for strangling hapless males and for incorporating the shirt into a "tie & suit" configuration. That one can be open, not a problem. But then, there's the NEXT one. THAT, my friends, is part of the shirt - part of what's keeping it on your body as a modest article of clothing. What do you gain by undoing it? You're trying to impress the ladies with a little more...WHAT? The average man just doesn't have the same kind of blessings as the average woman there, so what's the deal??

  • You know, occasionally I visit some random web site that a friend has fowarded to me, and I get a little chuckle from it. However, I recently realized that many of my friends may not have ever found these little gems of online gold, where they could receive chuckles of their own! So I list them here, my friends, an offering of my generosity. Try not to enjoy them all at once.

    1. BadgerBadgerBadger - a pointless, random, and I think fun endlessly repeating Flash movie.

    2. Zombo.com - I dare you to find the point where this site repeats.

    3. Astronomy Picture of the Day - not so much a funny web site, but some INCREDIBLE pictures come through here every day. Most of them are PRIME wallpaper candidates.

    4. Digital Blasphemy - another great place to get wallpapers. I think I used one of their pictures for a class project once...

    5. Jib-Jab - home of President George W. Bush and Former Presidential Candidate John Kerry's thrilling rendition of "This Land Is Your Land." I hope they come up with more stuff now that the election is over.

  • So I went to the doctor's office recently. And, as you know, this whole process involved a LOT of waiting. Being a mind of constantly restless motion, I don't do well with waiting, especially those moments after the nurse has seen you, and she leaves you alone in the room with those fatal last word - "The doctor will see you in just a minute." Let's get real, it's NEVER a minute. So what do I, the admitted PDA computing geek that I am, do to cope with these moments of blank-white-wall boredom? I pull out my trusty PDA, and within seconds I'm listnening to MP3s through the on-board (and remarkably good, all things considered) speaker and playing Zap! 2016. Imagine the look on my doctor's face when he enters the room to the sounds of Basement Jaxx and seeing me cheer at my success in destroying virtual alien ships. Good times.

"And the music keeps on playin' on and on..."