An Employers' FAQ about Eric Swayne

So you've found my resume on Monster, or perhaps viewed my profile on LinkedIn and you'd like to know more about me? Great!

Here's some answers to the questions I'm most commonly asked - please feel free to email me if you've got one that's not here.

What ARE you?

I think the best job title that describes me right now is Web Producer (officially, I'm currently a Web Content Analyst). I am both a Project Manager and a Web Designer, and I wear both hats about an equal amount of time day-to-day. The target job titles I'm looking for are (but not limited to): Web Marketing Manager, Interactive Project Manager, Web/UX/UI Designer and eCommerce Manager.

What can you do for my company/client?

I do two main things:

I make new web sites.
-- AND --
I make existing web sites better.

Whether you're looking for a fresh and standards-based approach to developing new interactive experiences, or you're taking your established brand to the next online level, I can help you. I have experience with brands large and small. I am a "jack-of-all-trades" type that can incorporate new technologies and practices in new ways. I can deep dive into a particular issue or metric or page flow that's been bothering you and develop an effective solution to that problem. I can get more out of your existing Content Management System, Web Deployment System, Distributed Authorship Model, Web Metrics Analysis Tool or your IT Department than you ever have before - making you more productive.

Dazzle me. Give me some big names of technolgies/systems/software you've worked with.

TeamSite, Hitbox, WebSideStory, XHTML, Javascript, Flash (with Actionscript 3.0), Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Scribus, GIMP

Want to know exactly how I've used these? Contact me.

"This position doesn't have a lot of development" or "this position doesn't do a lot of project management" - can you live with that?

I'm actively applying to jobs of both types precisely because I have both of these skill sets. What better Designer could you have than one that creates great work and manages himself effectively to get it done on time? Or what better Interactive Project Manager could you have than one that knows what building a site takes because he's done it himself? Whatever position I'm in, I'm going to leverage all my skills to give you the best work product possible.

Where can I see some of your work?

Since I've done most of my work as an employee (rather than freelance or with an agency), it's best if you contact me so I can send you some links directly. You can also read what I've blogged about my work.

How can I reach you?

Email is the easiest for me, since I can respond during the business day. Phone conversations are best when we can schedule them early morning, late afternoon or on the weekends.