QUICK HITS 031 - Lumped a few together this time

  • 11:13 Loving me some pumpkin carnage - tinyurl.com/34lsju #

  • 13:40 Grooving to great music from Asa - tinyurl.com/295y4k [via aurgasm.us] #

  • 15:21 Best phrase heard today: "Have a healthy disregard for the impossible." #

  • 16:01 Best question heard today: "You're sending out this email campaign. Great. Then what?" #

  • 16:10 Snopes says "The Golden Compass" really does have anti-Christian themes - may not be seeing this afterall - tinyurl.com/2eujzu #

  • 16:15 Loving Greg Kendal-Ball's photo: "Eternal Threads" - tinyurl.com/2a2eqj #

  • 09:47 Wait, 50 WHAT?? High of 60 WHERE?? No, no no nononono. My closet is NOT rated down to that temparature. Oh, and it's raining? FANtastic. #

  • 11:12 My wife is amazing. Kid woke up @6, and I crashed 'til 8:20 - running late. I get ready in a blur, and Wife knows 1st priority is Coffee. #

  • 10:06 Just added a min-height hack to the blog to make all the columns of roughly equal height. My longest sidebar is 2150px...??? #

  • 11:46 New word for the day: "bootahkas". Sentence: "I'm working my bootahkas off." #

  • 11:53 I have FOUND my next t-shirt purchase: tinyurl.com/3b5mcs #

  • 12:53 Listening to NPR's "Have You Heard About B Flat" - tinyurl.com/2v3g9b #

  • 15:43 @garrettdimon: I could watch ALL the TED talks if I had the time. Here's some of my favorites - tinyurl.com/ysmzok #

  • 10:21 Crawling out for a Monday after a storm-interrupted night's sleep and a Cowboy debaucle of a loss. #

  • 10:16 Really loving this trailer for Jumper - www.jumperthemovie.com/ #

  • 11:48 Wondering if the concept behind www.dodgeball.com/ is cool or scary #

  • 12:31 @CalebJenkis: You should put those invites up on Ebay! I bet you could totally get big $$$ for them! #
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NEW BLOG: The Swayne Diaries

Like that little guy? Yep, I do too. I'm the lucky guy that gets to call him my son, and as of yesterday, he's 6 months old. All the pictures, videos and milestones we get to experience have become so much that my darling wife has decided to start a blog about it all. She may discuss other topics at some time, but for now it's all about the Squid. Head on over there and find out what he's been up to!

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VIDEO: Great Performances

Not all great performers display their expertise through the "usual" art forms. Sure we can all appreciate a home run, a diving catch, a pirouette, a painting, or many other beautiful acts, but what about these? Even though these aren't traditional performers doing traditional things, I think we an all admire their work and finesse. No, seriously. :-)


- the art of pen spinning

The magic and movement of Kenichi Ebina

Teller of "Penn & Teller" performs his signature illusion: "Shadows"

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VIDEO: Ben Folds Can Cover

If you're not familiar with the musical stylings of Ben Folds (or that of his Five, which is actually a three...), I'd encourage you to give him a shot. Not all his stuff works for me, but what I do like I enjoy a lot. But even with his extensive body of original work, it turns out some of the best stuff I've heard from him are his covers. Here's some video of those perfectly-imitated moments:

Ben Folds covers "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service

Make sure and check out the found-objects instruments those drummers are playing. A postal box with a towel over it? A champagne glass? And there's even an appearance by a music player not named iPod™? Amazing.

Ben Folds covers "Tiny Dancer" by Sir Elton John

Extra points for the glasses.

Ben Folds & Rufus Wainwright cover "Careless Whisper" by George Michael

...and I couldn't resist this one:

Ben Folds gets covered by the Jabberwocks performing "Underground"


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Morning Haiku: Donut

Sweet rush of sugar -
mental fog clears from the brain.
Thank you, free donut.


VIDEO: Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

I can't say I'm very familiar with the ukulele. In fact, had I not seen it spelled here, I would probably get it wrong. Now, apparently there's more than ONE ukulele player in Great Britain, and apparently they all play together! What's more, they play some stuff you probably wouldn't think belongs on that venerated Hawaiian instrument. Enjoy!



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