First: Sorry about all the delay in posting ANYTHING to this blog. Let me reassure you that while I am not like the posting-frenzied team of BoingBoing, I am still posting here, and will still continue to express my thoughts in the online genre. I''ve got plenty of ideas, folks, just getting a little more time would be nice...

And now, your quote of the day:

"I may be grumpy, but at least I've got a good filing system."



I've had more than one comment expressing shock, terror, or perhaps curiosity over my last pictorial post, I GOT BORED.

Friends, countrymen, let me relieve you of your fear. That funny thing hanging from my nose is NOT some sort of mutant booger, but just the friendly fun of a TangleToy. Go take a look at them, get one of your own - they're great for having around the cubicle.

And just think of the pictures YOU'LL take.

"All I want is to feel this way, to be this close, to feel the same..."



Ok, Google has officially taken the plunge. They've seen fit to give me FIFTY (that's FIVE-ZERO or 50) Gmail invites. Why don't they just take off the "Beta" tag and post the darn thing online so anyone and their dog can sign up for it? Anyway, if you want to join Gmail, just send me a little message, and I'll be happy to hook you up. Even if I have NO clue who you are, I don't mind sending you one at all. "Let them use Gmail!"