A Valentine's Profession, and a Confession

Valentine's Day this year is gonna be a little weird, and there's not much we can do about it. The year of our Lord 2010 brings a complete confluence of the craziness inherent with Parenthood. And I mean that with a capital P. Which rhymes with T. And that stands for Toddler.

Squid is almost 3, and has been sick with various nasties for about the last month. All the classic hits were there: RSV, Strep, Asthma bringing their entourage of Noze Gunk and Breathing Treatments and More Antibiotics. He's just now getting over it, but Mommy and Daddy are clawing our way back from a serious sleep deficit, nonetheless.

Add to THAT the fact that Mommy is currently carrying Squidette, our lovely next addition to the team, whose little finger will be where Daddy soon takes up residence. My wife has been so amazing these past few weeks that she's sick of being amazing, and I get it - it's one thing to be miraculously awesome for a day or two, and it's entirely another to keep it up for a month. We've been working on clearing out, cleaning up and setting up Squidette's new room, but it's slow going.

Add to THAT the fact that my work has been bizonkulous, and add to THAT the fact that inclement weather snowed us in for Thursday and Friday, when we were planning on getting that last-minute Valentine's shopping in.

It's a lot to deal with.

Next weekend, Squid is going to go hang out with his Mema and Grandad down in Houston, and we're going to celebrate Valentine's. There will be the obligatory visit to a nice hotel, and the even more obligatory gastronomic adventure that IS The Melting Pot. There will be more work on the Squidette Sanctum mixed in there, but a break will be well appreciated. But there's something that must be done today, on Valentine's Day. Even though we're officially celebrating later, I can't just let it slide.

My wife, my Valentine, is singlehandedly the greatest person in my life. She laughs at me, and knows when to ignore me. She's a mom, teacher, friend and CEO - all on top of everything she is to me. She's totally cute and beautiful, even if she doesn't feel that way right now. She's supernaturally strong, even if she doesn't feel that way when she's asked to be. She's irreplaceable, immeasurable, and thought of writing a Valentine's day blog post right before I did. (DUDE!)

I love you baby. Happy Valentine's Day!