(Man, I'm getting more and more of these!) New pictures! Now including great stuff from the VRCC shower AND the Grace Crossing shower. I've split them up with unique tags - feel free to check them out!

A BABY shower, of course! What were you thinking?




In deference to my employer, I have disabled the links to any European language version of this site. Being a contractor, I was not fully aware of their launch timelines, and I don't want disrupt anyone else's hard work. I genuinely enjoy working at TI (my contracting company may be a different story, but I'm not going to get snarky here), I really do like the people I work with and I absolutely hope to be working with them for quite some time to come. Hopefully when those European language sites are unveiled, I'll be able to show them to you.

In the interest of free speech, let me also say this. As much as this is my space to say what I want, this is also my space to NOT say what I want. I'm making these changes because I want to make them, not for any other reason.

And to all the TIers that show up here - WELCOME! Feel free to poke around and take a look at what's going on here. If you'd like to ask me about anything on here, feel free.

Hey guys -

Sorry it's been a while. I've been utterly slammed at work, because we're launching a new product here at Texas Instruments - Educational Technology. And yes, I haven't been allowed to talk much about it before now, because it's indirectly part of my NDA.

But now, with great fervor, pomp AND circumstance, I give you...

Not impressed? Well, see, I've been working on the translation part of this whole project. No, unfortunately, I don't speak Danish or Dutch or Norwegian, but we were given all the appropriate texts by those that do, and asked to replace the English parts with those other lovely languages.

So now you can see it in Danish...


or Norwegian.

So now can you see why I might have been busy? Can you understand why I've been banging my head against the wall when what was Grasp the Math is now Forstå Matematikken? Yeah, they're not big on articles out there in the land of the Danish.

Ok, so go check out my work, enjoy, and I'll have some more fun on here soon. Thanks!

-The Swan

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