HOT Dr Pepper

Apparently I'm the last person to hear about this - has anyone else tried hot Dr Pepper?

Note the recipe: "...Then pour over thin slices of lemon.." - WHY??

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I'm an ENFP and so is Dr. Seuss

So first Cheryl did it. Then Micheal did it. Then Scottdid it, didn't like it, and did it again!

What lunacy are my friends engaged in? It's the quirky joy of the Personality Test. I don't know why these are fun - maybe it's something to help us find our inner desires though some "scientific" method. Naturally, I gave it a shot:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Turns out I share those magical letters with some pretty heady luminaries including Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, James Dobson, Joseph Campbell (I'm a sucker for those Reformationists), Regis Philbin, Bill Cosby, Bill Moyers (my favorite Bill), and the afore-mentioned Dr. Seuss.

(By The Way, one of those ENFP characteristics is an over-expanded vocabulary. So I apologize for my afore-mentioned "afore-mentioned".)

So after I did it, my amazing wife took the same test. Turns out we're the perfect example of "opposites attract." :-)

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NEW MUSIC: Missy Higgins and some Brazilian Groove

Haven't done this in a while, so let's debut a few new artists:

Missy Higgins is another one of those over-talented and passionately honest girl singer/songwriters - right along the path of KT Tunstall, Anna Nalick or Maria Mena. My buddy over at Loudstyle, Jeremy, calls her "Norah Jones on Red Bull".

Down in the other hemisphere, there's this place called Brazil. I've never been there, but they churn out some incredible music that I can just put on and chill to all day. Now, your sampling today includes artists of all nationalities and eras, including Buena Vista Social Club, Compay Segundo, Fernanda Porto and Kaleidoscopio. Enjoy!

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

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QUICK HITS 033 - rolling double...threes

  • Helping out the world with free rice - www.freerice.com/ #

  • Checking my blog's readability - tinyurl.com/2ca3a4 #
  • Digging Rands' article about now to understand nerds - tinyurl.com/2ckjs8 [via randsinrepose.com] #

  • JAMMING to some sweet Brazilian rhythms in "Madalena" - tinyurl.com/yr7jv4(KTa%20Brasil%20rmx).mp3 #
  • ...and to fix my borked link: tinyurl.com/3yhcea - listen and enjoy! #
  • OhshootmeintheTINYURL! Ok, this one REALLY works - tinyurl.com/2pzy65 #
  • Cracking up at a discussion about "Amish Chicken Casserole" - tinyurl.com/yq9x4h [via markelrod.net] #

  • I burned the side of my lip on some hot tea out of my mug. Now I'm trying to hold a piece of ice in my mouth against the outside of my lip. #
  • Reading a fascinating paper on the Harajuku culture - tinyurl.com/ywveoj #

  • Laughing at the ten most stupid laws in Britain - tinyurl.com/2yhz2h [via markelrod.net] #
  • Very interested in Nokia's tactile touchscreen - www.redferret.net/?p=9533 #
  • @Diji: The Last Starfighter is an absolute classic - love it. #

  • Amazed that even the government understands why teleworking works! tinyurl.com/2batf6 [via webworkerdaily.com] #
  • I have NO idea why my "Techno Time" Pandora station brought up Lisa Loeb, but I can't say I don't like it - tinyurl.com/24vpjo #
  • Very interested on what Web Worker Daily has to say about Cakemail - tinyurl.com/ysb5l7 #

  • www.flickr.com/photos/digicolleen/ #
  • Playing around with finetune - www.finetune.com/ #
  • Disabling and uninstalling my AutoCopy Firefox add-on. Nifty gimmick, just too often executed when I didn't need it. #

  • Wondering when I'll be able to gloat to @jabbott that I'm getting a Seeqpod t-shirt [seeqpod.com] #
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I am smart, S-M-R-T

Hey WADE, you think you can be all snobbish about your blog's level, check some of THIS!

cash advance

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QUICK HITS 032 - Meaning of Life minus 10

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VIDEO: Lessons in Techno

Class, some of you may casually dismiss techno music as a genre, and perhaps all of electronica all together. However, this may be a stereotypical effect due to your poor exposure to the media. (Translation: You haven't heard some good stuff yet!) So let's review some examples:

Good Techno:

Clip-Daft Punk-harder better faster stronger-live

Bad Techno:

Didn't catch that? Let's try this again.

Good Techno:

Bad Techno:

Everybody got it figured out now? Good!

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