QUICK HITS 033 - rolling double...threes

  • Helping out the world with free rice - www.freerice.com/ #

  • Checking my blog's readability - tinyurl.com/2ca3a4 #
  • Digging Rands' article about now to understand nerds - tinyurl.com/2ckjs8 [via randsinrepose.com] #

  • JAMMING to some sweet Brazilian rhythms in "Madalena" - tinyurl.com/yr7jv4(KTa%20Brasil%20rmx).mp3 #
  • ...and to fix my borked link: tinyurl.com/3yhcea - listen and enjoy! #
  • OhshootmeintheTINYURL! Ok, this one REALLY works - tinyurl.com/2pzy65 #
  • Cracking up at a discussion about "Amish Chicken Casserole" - tinyurl.com/yq9x4h [via markelrod.net] #

  • I burned the side of my lip on some hot tea out of my mug. Now I'm trying to hold a piece of ice in my mouth against the outside of my lip. #
  • Reading a fascinating paper on the Harajuku culture - tinyurl.com/ywveoj #

  • Laughing at the ten most stupid laws in Britain - tinyurl.com/2yhz2h [via markelrod.net] #
  • Very interested in Nokia's tactile touchscreen - www.redferret.net/?p=9533 #
  • @Diji: The Last Starfighter is an absolute classic - love it. #

  • Amazed that even the government understands why teleworking works! tinyurl.com/2batf6 [via webworkerdaily.com] #
  • I have NO idea why my "Techno Time" Pandora station brought up Lisa Loeb, but I can't say I don't like it - tinyurl.com/24vpjo #
  • Very interested on what Web Worker Daily has to say about Cakemail - tinyurl.com/ysb5l7 #

  • www.flickr.com/photos/digicolleen/ #
  • Playing around with finetune - www.finetune.com/ #
  • Disabling and uninstalling my AutoCopy Firefox add-on. Nifty gimmick, just too often executed when I didn't need it. #

  • Wondering when I'll be able to gloat to @jabbott that I'm getting a Seeqpod t-shirt [seeqpod.com] #
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