I'm an ENFP and so is Dr. Seuss

So first Cheryl did it. Then Micheal did it. Then Scottdid it, didn't like it, and did it again!

What lunacy are my friends engaged in? It's the quirky joy of the Personality Test. I don't know why these are fun - maybe it's something to help us find our inner desires though some "scientific" method. Naturally, I gave it a shot:

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Turns out I share those magical letters with some pretty heady luminaries including Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, James Dobson, Joseph Campbell (I'm a sucker for those Reformationists), Regis Philbin, Bill Cosby, Bill Moyers (my favorite Bill), and the afore-mentioned Dr. Seuss.

(By The Way, one of those ENFP characteristics is an over-expanded vocabulary. So I apologize for my afore-mentioned "afore-mentioned".)

So after I did it, my amazing wife took the same test. Turns out we're the perfect example of "opposites attract." :-)

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