I started writing these down one time - just thought I'd post them for you.

  • If you're approaching a door with one of those bar-style push handles that goes across the whole thing, and you don't know which direction it's going to open, hold out both hands and as you're walking through, lightly push on both sides of the door. One direction will give, and you can open the door without a struggle.

  • If your mouth gets dry, try chewing your tongue a little - it will start saliva flowing again in your mouth. Be warned, however - I've been told you can only do this trick once every hour or so.

  • Whenever you get a new gadget with a plug adapter, they usually come wrapped with a rubber-coated wire tie. When you unpack your new gadget, wrap the wire tie around the cord near the plug. This way you'll always have something to keep the cord coiled up when you need to pack it up.

  • When filling up your car, pick a nice even dollar amount that's close to what it costs to fill your tank and only pump to that point. This saves you time with your checkbook later, and if you do it consistently, makes it easier to calculate your fuel/commute budget.

  • If you grab your lunch from a restaurant and eat it at your desk, always make sure to pick up TONS of napkins when you get your food. You can put the extras in a drawer and use them to clean up random minor spills. They can even act as tissues in a pinch.

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