Jess had a good idea that I thought I'd riff on...

How to make vodka more appealing to a Mac user:

  1. Call it iVodka.

  2. Put it in a milky-white translucent plastic bottle with no obvious way to open it, and tell everyone that buys it about how beautiful the bottle is.

  3. Make sure your iVodka bottle is not compatible with any other kind of vodka.

  4. Use a vodka that doesn't actually get you drunk, but just gives you a "pleasant user experience."

  5. Do a presentation on iVodka. Your slides may have no more than 5 words for the total presentation. Get someone to liveblog your presentation about the vodka.

  6. Shut down all stores about to sell iVodka at 6pm for "stocking."

  7. Have people post step-by-step pictures as they unpack and attempt to drink their iVodka.

  8. TV commercials.
    Hi, I'm iVodka

    Zdravzvutye. MenĂ£ zovut Regular Old Boring Vodka. Ya nenavizhu etu stranu!

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1 comment:

Jess said...

The best part about iVodka? By the day after launch, people on the Internet will have hacked it to add their own cranberry juice.