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A couple of changes on the site, so if you're reading this via RSS, feel free to take a moment and come look at the thing in full Technicolor!


  • Blogroll, thanks to the good folks at Blogrolling

  • Technorati - Would you believe I had this here all along and didn't realize I'd accidentally broken the code to display it? So sad - I'm turning in my geek card now. Check those links - I'm expecting the "blogs that link to this site" part to grow...hint hint...

  • Google Ads - I don't care if you click them or not - this is more just a testbed for me to figure out how to use AdSense. No actual ads yet - my application's in the "mail."

More fun actual content later. Enjoy!

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  • Google block is now populated with actual ads

  • Also added a tagcloud, which shows you the most popular words I've been talking about of late. Since it's only started recording as of today, it's keyign in on that "Make Your Humaan Boss Laugh" post, and identifying every time I said "boss" there. I like my boss, but I don't plan on that being the main topic of discussion here.

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