I wasn't planning on blogging tonight, since I'd stayed up reorganizing my RSS feeds back into Sage, but then I found this off one of the most challenging and insightful blogs I read, Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog. I'm sure I'll write more about his work and how I admire it in the future, but I couldn't pass up this tie-in to my recent "Your Boss Is A Human" post. Enjoy!

My favorite quotes:

  • "Just because your boss doesn’t tell jokes doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have a sense of humor. She may be a carrier of humor, rather than a creator or initiator of humor."

  • "Sarcastic humor is the result of frustration and tension. It works against you."

  • "Humor targeted at you is almost always safe material. And stories coming from your own experiences will be original and fun to listen to. People like others who don’t take themselves too seriously."

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Kelly said...

Very funny! Being able to laugh at yourself is a pretty important one. :)

The Swan said...

I love laughing. Especially after my boss asks "so how much is on your plate?"