My good friend Jeremy asked me how I liked using Performancing for blog posts, since he'd tried it a while ago and found it a tad lacking. I can tell you now that I do like it, but that's a qualified positive review. Let's see if I can lay it all out there for you:

  • Save as Note Feature - save your content to an offline "note" that's easily accessible within the Performancing extension. I have no clue how this works or where it saves everything, but it seems to work quite well.
  • Auto Tags - Post tags to Technorati and Del.icio.us automatically with your post. Also has a nice "bookmarks" window to post pages to your del.icio.us account, which I'm using for my posts now. You can find them at del.icio.us/stoplookingswan.
  • Auto Ping - send your post to Ping-O-Matic, PingoAT, or a custom server
  • Categories - if you're using WordPress or Movable Type, those are there for you.
  • There's a small communication problem between Performancing and Blogger's ATOM API. More accurately, there's a problem with Blogger holding up their end of the bargain. There is a workaround, but it requires you to go back and add titles to your posts, and you can't view titles of your previous posts in "History". No biggie for me, and they say they're going to fix it as soon as Blogger gets their butts in gear.
  • There might be just too many features here for the "casual blogger." If you just want a simple post method, I'd say use BlogThis. Interestingly enough, BlogThis has no problems posting titles to Blogger - probably because they don't allow as many features as Performancing.
  • The online help for Performancing isn't incredible in my opinion - it's done in a blog format, and I'd prefer something more cohesive. It's searchable, and I found the posted workaround for my Blogger problem, but I think it could be better.
I'll let you know more about it as I get more familiar with the extension, but I can say now it's got TONS of potential. Performancing's slogan is "helping bloggers succeed", and I can say they're doing that.

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