Those of you that know me (and you probably ain't readin' this thing unless you do) know that I have a real love for A Cappella music.  I'm a singer of some talent myself, and I'm tellin ya, there is NO experience like being inside a sweet vocal chord.  Now back in college, when P2P was hot and MP3's were flying around the net with reckless abandon, I began collecting great a cappella arrangements of mainstream secular songs.  It's really amazing what happens when you take a song you already like from the radio, and then transplant it into this new environment of the voice

For example, one of my faves right now is "Where The Streets Have No Name," as done by U Penn's Off The Beat.  You'd never know a slowly crescendoed shimmering guitar intro could be replicated ably by a group of voices, but it can baby, it can. 

Now, if you wanna get up on this hip music, you've got a number of options.  The first is to buy one of the "Best Of College A Cappella" albums coming out every year.  They take the most relevant and top-notch stuff and cram it all into one disc of loving goodness, so you're really not doing your $17 an injustice by purchasing one.  In fact, I'm going to see if I can convince my wife that it's a worthwhile purchase myself...or perhaps a quality Christmas present....

There IS another way, but the road is narrow and the way is rough, as it were.  You enter at your own risk, because this is the world of the electronic frontier as ravaged by packs of roving RIAA lawyers.  THIS is the world of the MP3.  Lord knows I'm not interested in one of their suits, so there ain't no way I'm hosting music on here.  But, if you were so inclined, you might follow this handy search link here to get some of this stuff for free.  Don't tell them I told ya, and we'll be alright.

And hey, if you can't find what you want, shoot me an email.  Maybe we can work something out.  I mean, after all, I am a nice guy.

"Set drift on a memory bliss..."


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