Come one, come all, let's give this site a whirl. I'm excited about what this new home for "The Swan Speaks" could mean, and I hope you guys enjoy my ever-so-lovingly generated content. Right now I'm visiting my best friend from college, and using his 17" PowerBook to make this posting. Let me tell you, technology is something sexy alright. Got this sleek Mac with a screen wider than anything one could possibly ever need it for, and I'm posting all through the miracle of Wi-Fi. I DO love my life sometimes.

So, sit tight, hold on, enjoy the ride. We're going to have a lot more going on here, and i even plan to import the posts from the Xanga site, so you can enjoy previous rants of utmost hilarity. More from the Swan later....

"...You came to me like wine comes to this mouth, grown tired of water all the time..."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, just leave us and think we'll be ok with it. You suck, and Xanga is better now that it's been PURIFIED!!! ok, I just felt like ranting and being a jerk. Enjoy your new site, and I guess I'll keep reading. Peace