When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary....

Wait, never mind, let me try that again.

See, I like Xanga. They've managed my online ramblings sufficiently well, and nobody's been hurt in the process. There's even a few bells and whistles available on here to make most bloggers feel warm and tickly in their stomach as they edit their site's look and feel.

Unfortunately, I have seen more. I have been informed of perfection. I have seen the light, and the scales have fallen from my eyes. When I was a child, I surfed as a child, and I blogged as a child. The first was taken care of with Mozilla Firefox. The second, my brothers, has been fullfilled by the joy of Blogger.

What is this to say? What, then should we do? Simply be advised that there are newer and greater realms for the Swan to enter, and a new one is forthcoming. If you've got to check it now, go to stoplookingswan.blogspot.com. I'm throwing a lot of test crap up there, so it won't look entirely beautiful for a while. AH, but when it does.... oh yes, when it does...

Keep your eyes open, go check out my other workspace for a while, and I'll fill you in with more as it comes.

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