I like it, think I've got some of the kinks worked out.  Let us post.


TELEKINESIS.  Telekinesis, ladies and gentlemen.  My world would be 1000x better if I had telekinesis.  Think about it - I'm sitting at my desk right now wasting valuable time writing this.  If I had telekinesis, I wouldn't have to worry about the impending dangers of carpal-tunnel syndrome and could just type away with the sheer power of my MIND. 

Oh, but wait, it gets better.

Imagine simple tasks like mowing the lawn, tying your shoes, refilling your drink, even driving to work.  ALL could be radically changed with the glory that is telekinesis.

So let me get into something else real quick:

What I like: "My Radiostation" from launch.yahoo.com.  See, there is NO chance your average radio is going to penetrate the stalwart walls of corporate business here, so all musical eminations are thanks to the miracle of the Internet.  Now, this lovely service lets you start out by rating a few different genres.  Then, as you're playing, you rate songs/artists/albums.  All of this information goes into what gets played next.  Burt Bachrach comes up?  Tell your service to never play him again, and skip the song - you have thus exorcised the demon.  It's good times in an otherwise bleak cube farm.

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