Just blending my allegories left and right here.  Like many of you, I'm gently emerging from the fog of a wonderfully relaxing weekend and squinting in the glaring fluorescent light of corporate life.  So, to relive my time off, I'll tell you about the movie I saw with the rest of the world: The Bourne Supremacy.

Given the binary choice of liked it or not, I'll definitely say I liked it.  This movie plays to some of my basic strengths - guy movie, car chases, hand-to-hand combat, secret agents.  Matt Damon is a great actor (see definition below) because he put TONS of time into training, so that when he's just pointing a gun at somebody, you actually believe he would use it.  Bruce Willis in "Last Man Standing" has a similar effect.  It's worth it, too, because it gives Matt's character so much more depth.  I do, however, have to mention the filming style chosen by director Paul GreengrassHe calls it the "unconsidered" camera, which means this is not your regular Steadi-Cam movie.  He uses a free hand-held camera often, and it makes things a lot more viscereal, jolting, and intense.  If you ask me, it plays well to what the script is trying to do.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, check out Mr. Cranky's review - he didn't like it.  Of course, he doesn't like anything. 

I really didn't mean to make this a review site.  Hopefully I'll post something more diverse soon...

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