You'll notice below what I'm watching now. 

I feel it would be appropriate for us now to have a moment of confessionTom Cruise - 100% overrated.  Now, while I'll happily fritter away my hard-earned shillings on movies he is in (Minority Report being the most recent), the guy isn't an incredible actor (no, wait, I lied - the last was The Last Samurai).  Think about it, every movie he is in, he's Tom Cruise as...whatever.  Specifically, I'm watching him be Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat, but I've seen him as a fighter pilot, a tortured future policeman, a NASCAR drivera secret agent, a bartenderand even a guy dancing in his underwear.  I'll say he's truly entertaining in about half of these roles.  Overall, Tom Cruise is a machine.  He's famous because he's famous, because he brings together the combinations of actor and director and producer and everything else that makes a good movie.  Mel Gibson is another example - he can even do it while he's not in the movie (Passion of the Christ).

Now, let's talk about a real actor; Gary Oldman.  When Gary plays a character, he IS something else.  Rosencrantz, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dracula, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, that crazy Russian dude that tries to steal the President's Air Force OnePontius Pilate, Sirius Black - this man does it ALL, and makes each character look completely different. We need both types to make the movie world go 'round, but I'm much more impressed by the latter.


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