Yep, It's Valentine's Day

Larissa and I already had our Valentine's Day celebration last weekend, by giving the Squid away to his Mema and Granddad for a weekend (you can catch her take on it here), so we aren't planning any specific festivities this evening. But, it's still saying "St. Valentine's Day" on my calendar, so I'd feel very remiss if I didn't take a moment to tell you all how amazingly wonderful my valentine (and wife! what a bonus!) is and has been for the last 4.5 years.

Over there is my favorite picture of her so far - smiling while holding our son for the first time. That was an insane and wild night, and we were all drained - emotionally and physically. And yet, even though Lukas isn't looking too happy about the situation in that photo, this was a moment of peace and joy for everyone. My wife has become an incredible Mom, just as I knew she would when I married her. I wouldn't have ANYONE else raising our son. Some women are just blessed by God with all the skills, common sense, and patience it takes to be a stay-at-home Mom, some aren't. I know Riss thinks some days that she can't do this mothering at home thing any more, but I always know that she has more than it takes. I'm so excited for our son, because he's going to get the best start from the best educator I know.

Now, lemme tell you, this lady here didn't just become amazing when she started changing diapers regularly. I'm utterly stunned over and over by how wonderful she is to ME, especially on those days when "brain-dead, blithering idiot" is the nicest description I deserve. We've had hard times and good, and we're still figuring out what it means to be "us", but I LOVE the journey we're on. Being her husband can be something easy to take for granted, because her presence has become something like air - always present, life giving, and something you don't think about always. But on today, this day when some Saint did something special that I have no clue about, I get to bring this love to the forefront and shine a big ol' cyber-spotlight on it.

Happy Valentine's day, darling. I love you.

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