How I Know I'm Such A Dad

The dear Spouse of Swan and I were able to spend a weekend alone together, thanks to her wonderful parents taking our son (aka Spawn of Swan) for two whole nights! It's the longest and farthest we've been apart, and yet, I think we all needed it. Getting a break like this gives you a chance to take a step back and realize how far you've come. We've been together for almost 10 months, the three of us, and it's been an amazing journey - even in such a short amount of time. Sure, we've all had extreme changes to our lives (like our son starting his!), but sometimes it's the more trivial ones that I take a look at. The ones that give you an interesting angle of life-perspective, and a little chuckle too.

I know I'm such a Dad because:

1. I can hum almost all of the major classical pieces in human history, but only 15 second snippets. And I can't tell you the work or composer, just which toy they came from.

Hey, I'm a fan of Baby Einstein, and my son is too. But sometimes I think they take this classical music thing a tad far. EVERYTHING with their logo on it ONLY plays shorts from composers with fake, powdered wigs. And, since they've become THE name in baby entertainment, all the other baby toys do, too! Personally, I'm ready for a toy to snap off with some Led Zeppelin, or some Sgt. Pepper - Tom Petty maybe? Can a Dad get a little "Free Fallin'"??

On the same lines, I've taken it upon myself to expand my son's musical horizons. He can have a main diet of the "classics" (classicals?), but like any diet, variety is necessary. A couple days ago I put in Blast! during dinner time, and he was riveted. Just tonight we were dancing to "Drumbone" from hThe Complex Tour Live by the great and incomparable Blue Man Group. (Did I mention they have onesies, anyone?) I can see it now - my boy's going to be the only kid in kindergarten with a penchant for everything from Dave Matthews Band to Daft Punk.

2. I've never paid more attention to burps, farts, poops, pees, laughs, cries or giggles before.

I have to laugh at myself with this one. It's unbelievable how important those bodily functions we take for granted in adults become when you're watching your own child grow. And it's amazing how stupid and silly I would act when my son was just becoming vocal to get even the slightest hint of a laugh. (These days I only have to be mildly silly to get laughs, and sometimes I get laughed at for what seems like no good reason at all!) If baby laughs at it, you'll keep doing it until YOU'RE exhausted because it's so rewarding to see him so happy.

On the other hand, you get to know your own kid's cry REALLY well. I always thought that took years, but it didn't take us long at all to be able to recognize his cry, or decipher some of the basic messages he was giving us. You know - "I'm hungry", "I'm tired", "I hurt myself", and "I think what's in my pants really need's Mom's attention." At least, that's what I hear when he's getting kinda odorous. ;-)

3. I'm redefining what I believe to be dangerous

We were trying to figure out which superheroes all the kids in our church small group best represented, and I christened my boy Baby Daredevil. The kid has NO Fear! Stairs? No problem. Balancing myself by holding on to a swinging chair while wearing socks on a hardwood floor? Bring it on! Cats, with potentially dangerous claws and teeth? Playtoys!

Now, to the credit of our household felines, they've been FANTASTIC with our young one. I think they realize that he's a baby, and just know the rules are different with him. Ember, my black tomcat, just runs away whenever he crawls his direction. Ember's far too aloof to play with a baby, much less let himself be caught by one. But Melody (the one pictured here)? Stays right there! Our dear child will crawl over to her (laughing the whole way and going faster than you'd thought possible on hands and knees) and do his best imitation of petting her - which basically means grabbing her tail in a vice grip. Mel will meow a mildly plaintive call, but she won't fight back at ALL. She'll stay there and let him tear out fur if he wants to. What's more, when we put him to bed, she'll stay in his room until she's sure he's asleep, THEN come settle down for the night at the foot of our bed. She's our own version of Nana!

and of course....

4. I'm finding myself WAY too busy to blog!

Sorry about being away for a while, kids. I'll try to get back in the swing of things here. Thanks for stopping by!

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