VIDEO: Uncommon Art From Uncommon Means

Your average art is just that - average. It comes from an average medium by average artists using average methods that have probably been broadcast on PBS at one time or another. Art of this quality seems to become a wash. It's as nondescript as Muzak and just as tolerable. Good examples would be any of those "films" with the name Uwe Boll anywhere near them.

And then there's greatness.

Art that isn't just phenomenal because of what it is, but also because of how it was made. Any of us can appreciate a good beat, but done A Cappella? Now you got yourself some interesting art. And it's with that focus on the unconventional that I present you these fine examples.

Bob Staake Illustrates in Adobe 3.0

Bob Staake is a fantastic graphic artist, with an immediately recognizable style. He does a lot of work in "traditional media", but sometimes he busts out his digital studio - an installation of Adobe Photoshop from 1995! For those of you who don't have your jaws on the floor yet, imagine Leonardo da Vinci creating the Mona Lisa with a box of 24 crayons. It's utterly amazing what this guy can do with a tool that seems so limited by today's standards.

Guitar Zeros

Unless you're living under a rock, you've heard of the amazing game called Guitar Hero. (And unless you're me, you might even own it already.) Not many people would call what comes out of that game to be "art" - it's more like a highly interactive karaoke. BUT, what if you truly could rock out with the plastic guitar? What if you could make this medium your own outside the game and enter actual rock stardom??

These guys do just that. Take one (or more) guitar controllers, add laptops and custom software, and you've got yourself some original and house-shakin' ROCK!

Underwater Astonishments from David Gallo

The greatest art of all is, of course, found in nature. Man simply can't recreate the work of God found in both flora and fauna. Underwater is prime real-estate for these kinds of wonders, and only recently have we captured some of these phenomena in video to bring back to the surface.

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