I know we're all friends here, so I feel really good about getting these things off my chest:

  • I actually get excited when I go to the bathroom at work for a "#2" and see that the stall at the end of the row is open, because the other one is for handicapped people, and even though I've never seen anyone in a wheelchair in my building, I'm always worried that if I go in there someone's going to roll in the restroom needing that stall.

  • I think the main reason French fries are in this world is to be a vehicle for ketchup. Waffle fries were created with this in mind, because they have more surface area, and thus, can carry more ketchup.

  • When I heard about that peanut-butter recall this morning, I KNEW my mother-in-law would call us and ask if we'd checked our peanut-butter.

    And at about 10am 8:30am, she did.

  • I'm re-reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles". For at LEAST the third time. As an ebook on my PDA.

  • I've seen Bloodrayne. YOU shouldn't. It's that bad.

  • On one of my Pandora stations, I actually gave a "thumbs up" to a song by BRATZ. Yep, that's the pseudo-group of dolls for pre-adolescent girls.

  • I got this coffee maker for free.

  • When our power went out a couple of days ago, my first thought wasn't "Gee, I wonder if a power line went down?", it was "Oh crap, I hope I paid my electricity bill!"

  • I'm sick of people acting like I'm going to have a coronary the first time I have to change a stinky diaper. I'm a GUY. I went to college. I've smelled A LOT of nasty things, and I'm still here to talk about it.

  • I really, really , really, really, really, really wish I still had my old Voltron toys. Not because I want to sell them, but because I want to have them prominently displayed in my house somewhere.

Update: My wife informed me that the mother-in-law called at 8:30am, which is much different when you're trying to sleep, apparently.

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Hannah said...

Eric, you never cease to make me laugh! :) Thanks for the confessions...I think.

Hope you and your beautiful wife are doing well!

The Swan said...

Ah, so glad to be able to make your life brighter for a moment.

And yes, we're all doing well. Freaked out and slightly neurotic, but well. :-)

Wade said...

2 things: (1) Dude! I love Voltron! I had the original die cast Voltron (bragger!)!

I actually tried to find one to buy for my 9-year old nephew. I told him about Voltron several years ago and he still gets disappointed every birthday and Christmas that I don't give him one as a present. I'm shocked how expensive they are on eBay.

(2) FYI, when I go to your blog on my computer your 3 columns are mushed into one but it looks fine (and much easier to read) when I go to your blog when using Kelly's computer . . . any thots?

Personnally, I like the non-mushed version.

The Swan said...

I, too, had a die-cast Voltron. And I looked on eBay as well - one was going for $150!!

Can you tell me more about the browser you're using on your computer? Is it Internet Explorer? Firefox? This new template I built is still a work in progress, so it may have some bugs. I can't get it to smush all in to one column on either of those browsers, but if you're using a mobile device like a Blackberry, it's entirely possible...

Call it a "feature enhancement." :-)

Wade said...

OK, I figured out why your blog is mushed together on my computer . . .

But first you have to promise not to laugh at me!

I had my Favorites column expanded. Take out the Favorites and you get an un-mushed blog.

Yeah, so, maybe sometime you can teach me how to double-click!