1. 1. Don't wear a mock-turtleneck on the day you plan on going to get a haircut. Itchy agony.

  2. 2. CLOMB, JEEZ, and FEIJOA are all acceptable words in Scrabble. However, there is NO word that uses four "N"s.

  3. 3. Kittens do not understand that it is gross to pull something out of the bathroom trash and play with it.

  4. 4. Don't wash stuffed animals in your clothes washer. If My Little Pony(R)'s cranial seam splits open and her fuzz-innards get all in the drain pump, it screws the thing up GOOD.

  5. 5. If it's not one thing, it really is another. And another.

  6. 6. Based on recent useage statistics, your content is most popular in Texas, South Carolina, and Ohio. Need to increase following in Portugal, Netherlands.

  7. "A pointless nostalgic, that's me..."

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