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Have you ever actually looked at some of the product/service names some of our favorite companies come up with? I like Starbucks, but why in the world are they summoning up the name of an Aztec goddess to sell me hot chocolate with enough butter in it for me to feel my arteries clogging?
In the same vein, as I was parking today, I noticed some of the carpool spots we have in our garage. But can they call them "Carpool Spots"? No! The sign has to say "Reserved For RideShare." Why is it that companies believe that if you put two words together without spacing it makes them hip or cool? Another example was a company I used to work for - their customer database software was called InsideTrak.

(And here's another mini-rant. "Trak" is not a word. "Track" is. Why does misspelling something make it cooler? How would you like if your next word processing program was called "Kewl Werdz 4 U?")

Until corporate America corrects this, I'd like to refer to this blog from now on as SwanSpeak.

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