A couple actually:

  • Toy Numero Uno: Get you some Firefox. If you haven't yet, you're really missing out and exposing yourself to all sorts of internet diseases and maladies.

  • Toy Numero Dos: Proceed to download the Mouse Gestures extension. Wave your mouse around and conduct your browser like Beethoven at his 9th Symphony (albeit you won't be deaf when you do it).

  • Toy Numero... oh, dangit, what's "three" in Spanish again?? I should know this...: Assuming you already have a blog, go download the BlogThis extension. Makes creating quick blog entries faster than a... um... fast...thing...by incorporating a new item into your right-click context menus.

And while I'm at it, an interesting quote from Patagonia's manifesto on ChangeThis:
Gerald Amos, a member (and of the Haisla Nation in Kitamaat, northwest Canada, recalls a friend of his father who would leave home in the dark to paddle to his trapline four miles by water. He would spend the day walking the lines, checking and resetting the traps. "Along the way back to the boat,during the late fall and early winter, the coho salmon would be still in the creeks that they passed, so they would stop at one of these creeks and take a couple of coho, which they would clean and pack home in their backpack together with what-ever animals they had taken in their traps. The fish provided them with their supper later that night."
Such lives are often called subsistence, which brings to mind the barest, hardscrabble survival. But there is another way to look at them. At Patagonia we choose to call them “economies of abundance.” In an economy of abundance is enough. Not too much. Not too little. Enough. Most important, there is enough time for the things that matter: relationships, delicious food, art, games and rest.
-- Yvon Chouinard (owner of Patagonia)

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natmunoz said...

three in spanish is tres...FYI...how you been, swayne?