"For loving God is keeping his laws: and his laws are not hard."

- I John 5:3, Bible In Basic English

It's the holidays, so sorry about the long gap between posts. Look at me, always apologizing - I'm such a people pleaser.

I'm not going to make it a habit of delving deep into religious issues, but I think I get an exemption on this one, because it has more to do with faith. I came across this passage recently as I was reading the Bible on my PDA (an excellent idea, by the way. I've got 5 different versions available all in the same place - that's another post sometime.) and I just stopped down on it. I couldn't help but think "are you sure?" I think most of the time I see the walk I have as a Christian as hard, not easy. Of course, then I remember that this was written by a man who spent the last part of his life in exile on a remote island, denied access to his family and most of his friends.

So here's my question for you - whatever your belief, do you think keeping its laws is hard? Even if you're a hedonist and you seek only to pleasure yourself, 24 hours a day, is that hard?

Just a thought that came to mind. Thanks for listenin'.


Lisa said...

Hey, I just came across your blog. Very good question. I'm a Christian, and this verse actually came up at a Bible study recently. In my view, keeping God's laws are hard. Keeping the Old Testiment laws are nearly impossible, but even just the New Testiment commandement to love God and your neighbors is hard. So I wondered what I was doing wrong, since the verse you quoted clearly says, 'no, the laws are easy.' The leader of the Bible study helped me reconcile my observations with the scripture. He said the scripture refers to the fact that, for Chrisitans, sin has already been overcome for us. The part that I'm perceiving as difficult is continuing to live in a world full of sin and hate and temptations. It's the hate and sin that make it hard (at least for me) to love, and the temptation that suggests to me to sin. Analysis aside, I agree with you that a Christian walk- learning to deny yourself and love others-- is difficult.

The Swan said...

Lisa, thanks so much for your comment. Can you hold on a sec?

*jumps up and down* I can't believe it! Some one I DON'T know read my blog!!

Ok, I'm better now.

Yes, I think I agree with you. As I've been looking at this issue, I'm coming around to that viewpoint as well. For another take on it, head on over to Matthew 11:28-29. The man who had to "drink the cup" given to him by his Father said that the yoke of a Christ-like walk isn't just easy, but it even gives you REST!

So, I look at it this way: what are the two greatest fears of humanity? 1) Fear of death/the afterlife. 2)Fear of the future. A relationship with Christ answers both of those.

Lisa said...

I like your posts and I've added you to the "good blogs" list on my blog, so maybe you'll get some more comments from strangers. :-)