Top 10 ways to NOT be a Web Designer Rockstar

  1. At the end of Derek Featherstone's presentation on Accessibility, stand up and yell "Git 'r Dun!!"

  2. Walk in, sit down, boot up your computer and say "Gosh, I love Internet Explorer!"

  3. Pretend you are a reporter. Then go up to Garrett Dimon and interview him. Acting like he's Neil Diamond.

  4. Try to start up a conversation with James Craig telling him about how cool your Palm Treo is.

  5. Tell Jared Spool you think chickens are sexy, too.

  6. Challenge Bryan Veloso to a DDR dance-off.

  7. Tell Jonathan Snook you blame Canada.

  8. Ask Molly Holzschlag repeatedly if she really is "unsinkable."

  9. Pick up all the notepads from the entire row of tables you're sitting on.

  10. At the Friday night party, go to the bartender and tell him your drink needs a little more "Blue Flavor."

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1 comment:

Dustin said...


#5 and #10 FTW