So the dear wife and I were out looking for a Secret Sister gift from a local Christian Bookstore, and we noticed that they not only HAD these cute little items, but were running a special on them! They're called Resurrection Eggs, and I thought I was going to write a big blog entry referencing the Origin of the Easter Bunny, and why it was silly to use an ancient, pagan symbol of fertility (the Egg, not the plastic) to educate kids about the Lord Our Savior Jesus Christ.

But then, I decided to actually use my brain.

Kids don't care about the eggs. Kids don't think of them as a pagan symbol, and kids have no clue where the Easter Bunny comes from, nor do they care - as long as they get candy. Easter Eggs are about discovery, surprises, and rewards.

And actually, that's what the Resurrection is about, too.

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