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Believe it or not, I actually heard that a lot in those last few days of pregnancy. A part of me wanted to ask them "What in the world makes you think so? Could you tell me so I can feel better about what's going to happen??"

Well, now I get to find out for myself. Lukas was born at 7:24pm on Thursday, April 19. He weighed in at 8lbs 5oz, and was 20¾ inches long. Definitely, that was bigger than we thought he was going to be.

I bawled when he came. Just cranked up the waterworks. Turns out that being up since 4am that day had made my eyes pretty tired, so crying made them burn a little, which made me cry even more! It's weird memories like that that stick in your head when these chaotic moments are over.

The doctors say he's healthy, and we say he's perfect. Mom is tired and at the same time overjoyed. Me... well, the word that probably best describes it is Awestruck.


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Congratulations! He is precious. Look at that dark hair. (Not that he really had much of a choice.) :)

My best to Riss and Luke!