I AM HERE TO WASTE YOUR TIME: Drag the Dot (which is kinda like a period)

Punctuation by Penny-Arcade

Hee hee - you're not going to get ANYTHING done today. How do I know? Simple. You're going to spend your time playing this game, because you're going to tell yourself "Drag a dot? I can do that! I drag things around on this computer every day!" But see, that's where you're wrong. And I'm not going to tell you you're wrong, I'm going to let you find out for yourself. Because I'm cruel like that. But this builds character...or something.

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january embers said...

OK, I think I seriously just experienced some missing time playing that Drag the Dot game....

Level 10 stinks!!

january embers said...

OK, so I can't count (commence laughing... now!) -- I meant level 11 stinks. And Paul says level 8 sucks.

All in all, the lesson of Eric's blog this week: humility!