Do you ever get those random letters from people you know (or don't) during Christmas, usually instead of the traditional Christmas Card? My wife is putting me through that experience this year. It's nothing that my parents ever did, but it seems like an okay idea, so long as you limit the address list to people who actually know you and yours and actually care. SO, since I'm kind of on a roll with rules:

Eric's Rules For The Christmas Letter

  1. "Independent Recreational Pharmaceuticals Distributer" is NOT a good job title for little Johnny.

  2. Your purpose is to inform, not persuade people how great you are. "Joe bought a boat this year" is ok. "Susan bravely left Highland Park this year to teach those underpriviliged children in Plano" is borderline. "Paul would like to give a shout out to God, his Mamma, and to all the playa's in the 818" is not allowed.

  3. If you're trying to show us how you look today, putting on elf costumes (or any costumes for that matter) in the Family Photo simply defeates the purpose. We don't think it's festive, we just laugh at you.

  4. Nobody's gonna die if your letter arrives the day after Christmas.

  5. We are looking for one page of text only. If you've got more, you're sharing too much information. COROLLARY: If you're using more than one stamp on the envelope, you need to re-evaluate your budgeting for Holiday Correspondence.

  6. GOOD IDEA: Including your contact information at the end of the letter. BAD IDEA: Including your financial information at the end of the letter.

  7. And my favorite...

  8. BLOGGING your Christmas Letter is a BAD thing.

"Caroling, caroling through the snow, Christmas bells are ringing..."

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