Hello, everyone.  The ritual beating known as moving has been completed, and I am free once again to let my thoughts be known to you all.  Sure, since I use my work computer to post most of the time, I could have done so earlier, but it's better to be late than never, right? 

SO much to talk about, so grab a hold and hang on.

Found a couple incredible web sites recently, and this is the kind of mind-blowing stuff you gotta read so you can expand your horizons.  I shall list:

  • Blogdex.net - boy this is a fun little site.  Ever wanted to tap into the cultural zeitgeist of the blogging community quickly and easily?  Need to impress your more nerdy friends with your grasp of the cogent topics of cyberspace publishing today?  Here's your site.  Lists "the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community."

  • Gapingvoid.com  - This nugget of gold came to me from visiting Blogdex. This is the personal space of one Hugh Macleod, whom I've discovered to be an INCREDIBLE thinker and artist. His day job is a Creative Director for a UK advertising/marketing shop, but for fun he does cartoons on the back of business cards. He purposely limits himself to that 3.5"x2" space every time, leading to some extremely consise and powerful editorializing on life, business, and whatever topic he feels like at the time. My personal favorite of his? Right here:
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • The Cluetrain Manifesto  - I've linked here to an online book that distills what Cluetrain.com is all about. Basically, four guys thoroughly involved in large companies within the high-tech industry started this web site with a posting of 95 theses about how they thought e-commerce, and marketing as a whole, should be handled. Many comments, discussions, and rants later, the same four wrote this book. I've only finished the forward and the actual theses so far, so I may talk about it in further detail later. So far, it's becoming one of the most influencial books I've ever read.
SO, that there's what I've been up to lately. You'll hear more from me about the book later. Let's get this on ye olde web site, and I'll come back with more stuff in the near future.

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