The 25 Random Things.

There are 25 things here. About me. Yes, I've taken the plunge, no matter what the NYT may say.

  1. I've read your 25 things. Yes, even if you didn't tag me. You tagged enough of my friends that it popped right up on my "Home" feed, and what can I say, I'd like to know more about you.
  2. That New York Times article makes it sound like doing this will give away the last vestiges of your privacy. But I don't see it that way - I live in this online world, and I even make a living from it. I'd much rather be a part of the conversation than sitting out because of fear. That being said, you can't have my SSN.
  3. I love slippers. I wear them all the time when I'm home, and even quite a bit while I'm out - except for the hottest days of Summer. I choose very shoe-like slippers, so I can easily get away with wearing them outside. Can't stand it when my feet get cold.
  4. I'm really behind on those LinkedIn recommendations people have asked of me. I'll get there, guys, I promise!
  5. I think my wife and son are made of pure, liquid amazing.
  6. I'm fascinated with the sociology of the mall Play Place, especially since I spend more time there these days. All of those kids manage to (mostly) play well together despite being different ages, races, upbringings, shapes and sizes. A lesson for us all.
  7. I have immense respect for other religions. Even as a Protestant Christian, I think you'd have to be a fool not to see the beauty in others' faiths. I hope some day I can have the discipline of a Muslim, the mental clarity of a Zen Buddhist, and the understanding of God's grandeur like a Catholic.
  8. I was up to 14 things before I had to restart my browser. Now I've gotta remember what those were, or come up with something better. Stink.
  9. I don't know what's so bad about Target clothes. Sure, they're not the most expensive stuff in the world, but I think they do a fine job.
  10. I often love bands and singers that have been around a long time, and I usually like their late-career work more than the original stuff. For example, you've gotta be insane if you can't love The Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over", or Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits album from when they got back together, or even some recent Kris Kristofferson.
  11. I've recently rediscovered The New Yorker as an excellent source of some insightful reads. Originally started checking them out for Malcolm Gladwell's essays.
  12. Speaking of Gladwell, I'm beginning to think the white guy 'fro might be coming back.
  13. There are some movies in this world that, even though I know they're going to suck, I almost feel honor-bound to see.
  14. I think we should all just stop the insanity and just call tomatoes a vegetable. I know they're not - strictly speaking, they're a fruit - but come ON. You're not gonna put tomatoes in your Fruit Salad, are you?
  15. I told my mother-in-law that my brand new HDTV could not show anything playing from a VCR. Because it would cry in agony.
  16. I'm not perfectly certain, but I think there might actually be TWO works of man inspired by God: The Bible and Dr Pepper.
  17. I don't wanna be a superhero, I wanna be a JEDI. There's a difference.
  18. My wife is totally addicted to anime and manga. Which I'm totally on board with, because those are MUCH better than soap operas and reality TV.
  19. I'm a Sudoku addict. I usually have a puzzle I'm working on in my notebook I take to meetings at work. And yes, I must admit some times that I'm looking at the numbers more than the notes.
  20. I think some parts of Texas are as gorgeous as anywhere else on Earth.
  21. Polarizing foods I actually like: cilantro, bleu cheese, and lima beans. Never have liked green beans, though - ever since I was a baby.
  22. I couldn't work at an office that didn't let me wear jeans whever I wanted to. I'm all about dressing nice for clients and interviews, and I dont' even wear jeans every day. I just want the option.
  23. I'm not putting hyperlinks in these later tidbits because I'm getting lazy and I'm ready to finish this thing.
  24. I'm a David Letterman/Craig Ferguson kinda guy. And I LOVED Craig Killborn.
  25. I think 25 is the new 10.


Pilland said...

______████ _
_____██████ _
____████████__________ ▌
___███____███_________ █
__███_______ █_________█
____█______██______███_ █
___████_█ █__███ _█__██_▌
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

Jaouad all for you said...

can we exchange the clicks on the Ads ... ?