The Strike is Over! Our Writers Return!

DALLAS (SwanSpeak Networks) - After weeks of stalemate between the Writers Of Blogs On Swans Association (WOBOSA) and the Producers of Swan Related Content (ProSwaReCo), the two sides finally reached an agreement just before midnight Monday, January 14. The parties' main disagreement was over the use of revenue from The Google Ad Block (TGAB), and other unconventional means of income. Before this agreement, writers did not receive any portion of this revenue, but were sent a new Squishy Ball every month the blog was profitable.

"I'm still using the same Squishy Ball I brought with me from home when I was hired," said one writer, "and at at this point, I'm not even sure I want their stinkin' new Squishy Ball anymore!"

The producers responded in kind. "Don't want a Squishy Ball? Fine. We're taking you off our Christmas Breath Mint Gift List from now on."

Obviously, there's still quite a bit of rancor (no, not that Rancor) between the two sides. Time will only tell if the blog's performance will suffer from this rift.

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