IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!: Part 2 - the Student Zone

When a Web Designer goes under a rock for a few weeks and you don't hear from him, there's usually only one reason. And when he emerges, yes, a new site is born.

I give you... the Texas Instruments Student Zone!

This project was a real new experience for me, because I was the Project Manger this go-round. I worked with 3 vendors, 2 graphic designers, 1 HTML Developer, and I think there was something about a partridge in a pear tree there somewhere. Near the end, I was doing all of those roles myself, plus Flash developer, Copywriter and Sanity Checker!

So go take a look at my new site, and expect more from me on here later!

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Jody and Janell said...

Very nice! Keep up the good work!