I've got a lot of teacher friends and other associates in the education industry, so this is all for them. I have unwavering and overwhelming respect for you all.


JAbbott said...

Well done.

everydaymathchick said...

phenomenal..beyond words..wonderful

Wade said...

A few things:

1. Funny guy! One minute I think, "Wow! I wish I had this guy as my teacher when I was when in school." But then I think, "But wait - he would have made me work!" So probably not!

2. The greatness of YouTube has embedded a built-in search tool on each video - which is how I found this guy's same speech at Marshall University. It's funny how the Marshall audience didn't think he was near as funny as the first audience.

3. I can't get a RSS feed from your blog to know when you've posted. Is that by design?

Hope you're doing well,