For some flash-back fun, check out Potpourri I.

  • I got these earbuds recently, and I'm tickled pink with the fact that they faithfully reproduce frequencies from 5 to 24,000 Hz! Yep folks, I'm a geek.

  • Babies can't dance. However, you can wave their arms around as if they were dancing. Best baby fake-dances include: The Lawnmower, The Cabbage Patch and The Sprinkler.

  • Today, I'm wearing a new pair of jeans that I purchased from Wal-Mart for $7, and I think they are as cool or even... wait for it... COOLER than any pair of jeans I have owned before.

  • SOME time in my corporate life, to complete my eternal aspirations, I want some big-wig to walk in to a large meeting with tons of people and begin with "What up, my homies!"

  • I want to be an Internet Ninja. Not to be confused with Ask a Ninja.

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