Things haven't been intensely great out here at the Swan household of late. In short, the Spouse of Swan and I are sick. Nothing mental, just the standard respiratory agony - sinuses filling, noses sneezing, mouths coughing, chests... congesting? Anway, it's been rough recently.

So maybe being in bed with an open laptop for a few days isn't all bad - I've updated the blog! Yep, new look, new widgets (really, that's what they're called), new... oh... I usually like to do these things in "3"s and I totally don't have anything else at the moment.

And, if you can believe it, I've kinda missed blogging regularly. I'll get topics in my head randomly and think "that would make such a good blog topic!" Yeah, seriously, I do. Being the good blogger I've written these moments of epiphany down, and plan to talk about them greatly.

Oh, and have I mentioned the best topic of all: Swan the Sequel: Spawn of Swan!

More on that later. :-)


The Sheets said...

Hey, where's the follow-up promised?

The Swan said...

Aack! I've been called out! Lemme get that taken care of!