TED stands for Technlology, Entertainment, and Design - but it means much more than that. TED is a conference where the organizers invite the most insightful thought-leaders, the movers and shakers of our society to come and just talk. To exchange their ideas with an audience and inspire or intrigue. The organizer, Chris Anderson, calls it a "preview of Heaven," because part of what will make Heaven so interesting will be the chance to talk to and interact with the most interesting people of all time. Well, while they haven't put Gallileo up on the stage for this thing yet, they've still managed to pull together some amazing minds.

Now, you probably don't have a plane ticket to Monterrey, Cali, or the money to get a ticket to this thing. BUT, you've obviously got an internet connection, so you can watch the TEDTalks in their audio/video section! I was easily entertained and intrigued for a day with this, and I subscribed to their email list to be notified when they post new talks. Each one's about 20 minutes, so it's great content in a good small package.

Here's some of my favorites:

  • Aubrey De Grey - biogerentologist, and the man that may have the cure for aging.

  • Malcom Gladwell - author: The Tipping Point and Blink. Also wins my award for best hair at the conference. He's got some lessons for you that we can learn from spaghetti sauce.

  • Steven Levitt - economics professor at the University of Chicago, and author of Freakonomics. His lessons come from analyzing the books of a gang during the height of crack cocaine sales.

  • Ze Frank - rose to fame with the internet video "How to Dance Properly." Genius comedian with an online twist.

  • Jimmy Wales - founder: Wikipedia

  • Ross Lovegrove - industrial designer that created the Sony Walkman and the Apple iMac.

  • Rick Warren - author: The Purpose-Driven Life, pastor of the Saddleback Church. Best presentation without PowerPoint that I've ever seen.

Go watch one now and be inspired today!

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