So it's late, and I'm freakin tired because I just schlepped myself all the 6 hour drive to my alma mater, and I'm ready to crash. But first, a quick post. I passed a couple of schools on the way here that I would love to have graduated from:

Bland Elementary
No kiddin, this school really is BLAND! I have no clue what their mascot is, but can you imagine it?

We're the Bland Pirates!
Half hearted sigh: "Arrrrrr..."

I just think it's funny. All those Bland 3rd graders wishing desparately to grow up so they can grow up to be Bland 6th graders, so they can finally understand why everyone's snickering behind their backs.

Princeton High School
This one is BEGGING for resume fraud.
"So it says here you went to Princeton."
"Yes sir, that's true."
"So what was your major?"
"Uhh....Class Aide?"

Seriously though, their High School was more beautiful than most I've seen in cities. It was out in the middle of a huge field, like some distorted School Of Dreams (If you build it, they will drop out...). Princeton graduates, I salute you. And I wish you nothing but the best in pursuing that other Princeton. I hear they're taking applications all the time.

"And afterall, you're my wonderwall..."

P.S. Since I've recently been accused of jumping the shark, I'm going to have to do something to regain my tenuous hold on dignity. Look for a big, serious post after this weekend.


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