Lately I've been playing around a lot with some new Palm software - trying better to set reminders of all sorts for myself on there, because it seems that the more crucial the appointment or task is, the more my memory resembles that of an ADHD Jack Russel Terrier.

So, here's my latest favorites:

  • DateBk5 - okay, I actually paid for this application, so you know it's got to be good. This thing lets you make a positively BEAUTIFUL calendar complete with color coding, icons and adjustable views. You can also open up your ToDo list, Address Book or MemoPad in a split-screen view with your calendar, so you can work with tasks and appointments at the same time. If you're into GTD, this app dovetails with it very nicely.

  • WavAlarms - Sony apparently was a bit of a jerk when they put together their Clie hardware. They were supporting the ADPCM standard for the longest time as an opposition to MP3. In fact, if you own a PSP, you're very lucky that it supports MP3's - it was released just around the time Sony got on the bandwagon. Since I love DateBk5 so much, I was rather bummed when I found out that this little terf war creates the following problem. So what am I to do if I want to use DateBk5's alarms, but don't want a dumb beep coming back at me? Enter WavAlarms. I just downloaded it, and it's only a 7-day trial, but I'm probably going to buy it. Through this little app, you can assign uncompressed .wav files (on your memory card) to application alarms, including DateBk5, along with other reminder programs like OhYeah!. I've since entered alarm nirvana, because now my appointments chime in with a chorus of "Bring out yer' dead!"

  • OhYeah! - Like a sticky note with an alarm on it - write any note in your own handwriting, and set it for a time to beep at you (works on duration from point set, not specific time). Link goes to the free "lite" version, which is what I've used so far. If you want to pay for the full version, go here. I use this for those times when I was just told to do something, and I need to remember to do it when I get back to my desk, out of the car, back home, etc.

  • PalmBible+ - I've already mentioned that this is my favorite bible reader. Lately I've found a daily reading planner program, aptly named Reading Planner, that plans out what you want to read based on books and dates you have available, and then automatically takes you to the right place in Bible+ for that day. It even lets you choose your favorite default version, for those that have more than one.

  • PrayerPal - Just got this one too. Basically lets you create a database of prayer requests, then keep track of them. It's pretty in-depth as far as how many fields it has for each request, so I don't know if I'm going to stay with it.

  • Big Clock - you got your standard big clock and calendar, world time zones, stopwatch, timer and some pretty backgrounds. Not bad for freeware.

  • Backgammon - I like me some free games, and lately I've been into Backgammon. Haven't tried this one out yet, but it's free, so that's good.... right?


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